Thoughts on a Sunday Afternoon

I suppose I should introduce myself to those who do not know me. I blogged (loosely towards the end) for about 6 years over at also known as Life and Love of a Parrothead.

A lot happened in those years including 2 children, three pets, and moving to a new house.

This morning I was thinking, over my morning few cups of coffee, that I don’t really identify with that persona anymore. Don’t get me wrong – I am still an avid lover of Jimmy Buffett music. I always will be. However, I feel like I don’t want to continue to pigeon hole myself into the “mommy blogger.”

That is why I decided to leave that blog behind and move on to what I hope to be an informative blog on what I am passionate about.

These things include (but aren’t limited to):

  • wine
  • coffee
  • wine
  • essential oils (yes, really)
  • plastic free
  • healthy living
  • yoga
  • wine

My husband and I have been dabbling in wine for a few years but a recent trip to Sonoma really got us in debt into trying all types and honing in on what we really enjoy. Mostly that is Pinot Noir and Cabernet. Lately I have felt quite basic and gotten into Rose. I suppose I am working to shake off the feeling I am drinking from a box of White Zen out of my grandmother’s fridge in the 80’s.

In the end, I hope to have visitors who are ready to read about nonsense on some days and something I hope to educate about on other days. I love to cook, drink wine, and play in the sunshine with my family.

I do hope you will join me.


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