Wine Review – La Vielle Ferme

An ongoing tradition in our home is Sunday Night Dinner. Over the years, we have had mostly the same faces each Sunday evening, with and addition here or there. Most Sundays it is my sister-in-law, Kelly. Sometimes we add my best friend Donald and his husband, Jamie to the table.

One thing remains the same each and every Sunday:


Lately I have been really interested in learning about Rose′. I believe the day came when I was at a dinner party and they were serving Miraval.


When I asked what this was, every woman there looked at me like I was nuts. I also just found out while googling a photo it’s owned by the former Jolie-Pitts.

I don’t get out much.

Since that day, I have been studying up onRose′. With Spring arriving in Houston, every store has a huge display of Rose′ wines from all over the world. I took my chance to dive in.

Finally arriving at my point, I was shocked to see this little gem on the very very bottom shelf at Central Market: La Vieille Ferme

Hello, Sunday Night!

I want to make two very important points here:

1 – This was lush.

2 – This cost me $7.99. Yes. Really.

Bright, light, highly drinkable in the way that it has a super simple bouquet. Citrus. Strawberry somewhere hiding in the end. Not what I expect when something is hiding pretty much on the floor. And it’s screw top.

This one will be something I buy by the case and keep at the ready. (I do hope my husband reads this.)

Side Note: I have been told to grab any and all wines by this maker when you see them. The site shows they offer a Rouge and a Ferme Blanc.

Let me know if you pick this up and enjoy it (or not).


P.s. I wasn’t paid to review this wine. I just love wine and want to share my findings with you!

3 thoughts on “Wine Review – La Vielle Ferme

  1. I can’t tell you how excited I am about this blog. Now that I’m finally not pregnant anymore I need all of the wine advice I can get!! 😜


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