Impromptu Date Night

When you have children, Date Night is usually something planned in advance, at least a week, with much thought to when and where.

Friday my husband emailed me that one of the wine clubs we belong to, Gary Farrell, was hosting a wine dinner Tuesday night of the next week. A weeknight date is very unheard of for us so I was really excited to have this planned.

The location was at Max’s Wine Dive where we were sat at a long table, a bit squeezed in. Upon arriving Lee told me another couple was joining us which made this date night even more unique! This couple was with us at our tour of the winery last May as well.

The menu looked quite fun for sure:


Of the evening, I would say we all enjoyed the 4th course wine the most and even ordered a bottle to split before we left.


One of the things that made this experience special was that not only the winery manager was there (and sat with us several times to chat) but also the wine maker! The wine maker is the one who is tasting all the vintages to decide what get’s single vineyard (like the above) or what barrels will work best in a blend. Then she sits and figures out what % of each barrel finally works for the perfect bottle of wine. Wouldn’t that be a cool experience?

This was a great impromptu evening that I enjoyed very much.

Even though it was very hard to get up the next morning…


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