Book Review – Of Mess and Moxie

Since I had oodles of time to read (*ahem* football season *ahem*) I downloaded this book after a recommendation from a friend.images.jpeg

Jen Hatmaker – Of Mess and Moxie.

Oh ladies. This book. It was/is exactly what I needed to be reading. I’ve been down in the dumps the last few months (symptom: not blogging) and this book really puts motherhood in focus for real life. Breaking it down into fact like all kids are crazy, all families are busy, and expectations for mothers these days are insane.

I’m looking at you, Pinterest. 

There is a lot in here about how faith plays into things – and even if you aren’t into that sort of thing – you will love her perspective on family and friendships.

My major MAJOR takeaway is that I don’t have a mom tribe. Living in a larger city, and also not in a neighborhood any of our friends live in, makes having that mom that lives 3 doors down and watches your kids so you can breathe or nap or just stare into space impossible. Don’t get me wrong – I have many lovely mom friends in the city (and from afar!) but when she talks about that “second mom” – the one that your kids saw as much as you and vice versa – it struck a cord. I had a few “second moms” as I grew up in my small town.

Thankfully, we can find a modern way to Mom Tribe through social media and checking in on one another through text. Who’s with me?!


One thought on “Book Review – Of Mess and Moxie

  1. Will purchase based off of the need for a similar revelation. I am tired of feeling guilty about not being a room mom or a beloved member of the PTO. Honestly…I am just tired.
    Thanks for the recommendation!


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