Winter Winter Go Away

Oy. Texas Winter.

More specifically, Houston Winter.

One day – 70 degrees and sunny and breezy and you squint and pretend you are in California. You dream of one of those houses with the doors that open all the way across the back of the house so you walk inside and out without transition.

Next day (literally the VERY next day) it’s 30 and gross and raining. There’s ICEPACOLYPSE for 2 days and you are stuck in the house. Your kids forgot how zippers on coats work and you have to re-orient yourself to the seat warmer button in the car.

Next day – 70 and muggy and you can’t breathe.

Needless to say, we are over it. Done. Kaput. Stop the PMSing weather mood swings and at least give us a week or 2 of consistent nice-ish weather. Can we stop getting sore throats and unexplained nasal drainage?

October – January snuck away much like the summer. I still blame Harvey and “Public School Blues.” I also blame my favorite scapegoat – anxiety.

  • Anxious about how my son is adjusting in a bigger school. (uh. still adjusting? rough.)
  • Anxious about balancing work and home life. (not 50/50.)
  • Anxious about making sure my daughter is really just terrible two’s and the attitude won’t stick (Lord Jesus pray.)
  • Anxious about the new swimsuit still sitting in the bag because I really really really like food and no so much self control.
  • Anxious about the 6am alarm clock and 7:45am tardy bell. (Note – I am a morning monster.)
  • Anxious about.. well… just turn on the news.

So I tend to “hermit.” Go inside the shell. Try to deal. Poke my head out and see if there is a shadow.

Also enter Holidays. After Thanksgiving we went on a Disney Cruise. Fun… but expensive. We also all got some version of stomach bug while on the boat. GLORIOUS.

Then Christmas and the 2 week break from school after we had kind of gotten our footing.

Then currently, the footing being lost completely with little explanation and my daily stress of waiting on the text from the teacher.

Today.  TODAY was a GOOD DAMN DAY folks. Good day at school. Good days at work. HAPPY KIDS. HAPPY PARENTS.

Maybe it’s the Olympics? Maybe it’s the much needed weekend? Maybe it’s just a GOOD DAMN DAY?

It certainly was NOT the weather.

I’ll take whatever caused it because this family needed the boost.

Hope to see you soon.


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