Third wheel Valentine

Allow me to set the stage for you so you can envision our Valentines dinner…

Lee comes home with kabobs from Central Market.

While those are on the grill we steal a dance in the kitchen.

The song: Kiss the Girl from The Little Mermaid.

We sit down to eat with cloth napkins and our wine and enjoy our entertainment – Ursula getting stabbed in the gut by a surprisingly sturdy spear for having been underwater forever.

Our daughter announces she pooped.

I offered the option to clean the kitchen or change the diaper.

I won the diaper.

This is valentines 15 years and 2 kids down the line.

And it was fabulous.

(Our son was at church singing Ash Wednesday service).

While at the store, Lee picked up this:

This spurred a thought – when and why should you decant?

Usually the answer is because you are trying to be fancy.

The real reason is straightforward enough: let it breathe. Necessary when you have an older wine or when recommended by the wine maker. I also don’t prefer to leave a wine opened overnight. It either needs to be vacuum sealed or at least put a decanter stopper on top to prevent the wine from losing it’s punch.

We tend to decant French Wines since they seem to taste a little flat straight from the bottle. They aren’t always as fruit forward like New Age wine.

Understanding French Wine vs. American or other wines is a true process. Understanding New World vs. Old World is also a process.

I would being doing you a true disservice to not send you on to Leah Travels to read all you could want to know about Burgundy Wines.

My next endeavor will be trying to explain how we choose a french wine while standing in Central Market with a screaming child in the cart and the other one running laps. It’s as anxiety inducing as it sounds.

Here’s hoping you had a great V-Day!


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