Underwood Pinot Noir – Review

Nothing floats my boat more than a “price conscious” wine. We call them daily drinkers. Aka – keeps us away from the pricey stuff in the back of the wine cellar.

I discovered Underwood when I found the cans last year. Needless to say I was stoked to see it in a bottle at the store. Bonus: it’s screw top.

This is yum. Black cherry – bright – baking spice – currant – fruit forward rather than alcohol forward.

In the glass you can tell by the color it’s a light drinker. Lighter in color. Pro-tip: tip your glass and the more clear liquid you see at the edge the higher in alcohol. This one? Not that high. Also if you swirl the glass and the liquid comes down in sheets rather that big fat drops, also a sign of lower alcohol. Now you see why us nerds are swirling.

Location found: Whole Foods (Post Oak Location).

Price Point: $18 ish

We paired this with …. “pre dinner.” Sundays we start a little earlier. Otherwise dinner was Pork Chops in a white wine cream sauce with mashed potatoes and roasted broccolini.

This guy is a little too easy to sip down.

Let me know if you find and and what you think!


Valentines Wine – On a Budget

Let’s be real.

Valentines Day is..a day. Lee and I rarely do dinner out. Sometimes we catch lunch or just cook something special at home.

That being said, we can use this day as another excuse to drink wine.

As if we needed one.

(Hello… kids.)

While on an expedition to Target alone, I stopped down the wine aisle. I am pretty picky on wine but I was curious what I could find if I needed something in a pinch. Here are my top picks.


Korbel Brute Rose´.


We visited the Korbel Winery in Sonoma and the location is gorgeous. We were able to taste several offerings and I really liked the Brute Rose. It’s affordable and easy to drink on it’s own. Other Korbel tends to be better in a mixer. This one is a great, not too sweet, bubbly fun wine. I put one in my basket after taking this picture.


I realized a few years ago that certain Chardonnay’s that are made to “taste oaky” give me a horrible headache even after one glass. When at a store with limited selection, I look for different methods of aging. Silver is an old favorite we discovered years ago that’s a great option for crisp white without that “butter” taste.



This one is tough as most reds I saw on the shelf here are going to be sweet. I usually compare these to the Dimatapp we had as kids.

I started with Pinot Noir – which is a favorite varietal in our home.


Oregon is prime Pinot country and A to Z has been a great go to.

If you are feeling extra generous, grab that bottle of The Prisoner. Great hostess gift as well ! (Hint: are you visiting me soon?)

Cabernet was my next stop. Valentines day or “Date Night” meals tend to include a steak and most of the time Cab is the best pairing.


Chateau Smith is a fun one. It is a little sweet but if the steak/meal has a fair amount of peppery spice it will be a nice pairing.

These of course our my opinions. Everyone has a favorite style. Some people enjoy the sweeter wine and others prefer dry. It really is preference.

If you happen to grab one of the above and want to let me know how you liked it, or if you have go-to’s you think I should put on my list, let me know in the comments! I’m always open to new findings.

Happy excuse to drink wine Valentines Day!